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Babb v. Wilkie

539 U.S. __ (2020) (slip opinion) No. 18-882 Babb was a pharmacist with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She claimed that she was discriminated against based on age when the VA took away her opportunity for promotion, denied her training opportunities, and...

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Sharpe v. DOJ

Sharpe v. Department Of Justice 2017-2356 No. SF-4324-15-0593-B-1. Sharpe has been employed as a DEA agent for 25 years, during which he also served as a reservist in the United States Navy. Sharpe applied for a promotion 14 times in 8 years, and was on the Best...

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Fed. Employee v. U.S.P.S. (EEOC)

Porter P. v. U.S.P.S. Appeal No. 0120171893 EEOC The plaintiff in this case was employed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a driver. He was diagnosed with ADHD and a chronic neck and back problem, for which he was prescribed Vyvanse and Vicodin. Upon...

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