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Dexter K. v. Perdue

Dexter K. worked as a forester for the Department of Agriculture when he filed an EEO complaint that the Agency discriminated against him for his Native American heritage and age when he was not selected for the Forest Analyst position. The Agency’s investigator found...

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Darius C. v. Brennan

October 12, 2018 Darius C. was a mail handler when he filed for discrimination based on his disability when management failed to provide him with an ASL translator during a service talk. The Agency found no discrimination, and Darius filed an appeal. The Office of...

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Graviss v. DOD

2015-3173 August 6, 2018 Graviss was employed as a teacher by the Department of Defense when she was terminated. She pursued arbitration as covered by her collective bargaining agreement, and the arbitrator enforced the removal. More than 60 days after the arbitrator...

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Johnen v. MSPB

No. 16-73427 February 26, 2018 Johnen was employed by the Army as an engineering technician when he was dismissed because his department was overstaffed. One year prior, Johnen had filed a complaint about an investigation that he had been the subject of and alleged...

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Sheryl S. v. Esper

Sheryl was a statistics assistant at the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center when she filed a complaint alleging sex discrimination when she found out that she would not be promoted to Program Analyst when she was performing the same duties as a male coworker. The...

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Williams v. MSPB

2017-1535 June 11, 2018 Williams was a City Carrier Associate employed by the Postal Service when he was terminated. He appealed his termination to the MSPB, where the Board ruled that he could not appeal his termination because he was not an employee with appeal...

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Young v. MSPB

2019-2268 June 11, 2020 Young had been employed by the IRS for less than a year when she was removed from her position for misconduct. She appealed her termination, but it was dismissed because she was a probationary employee and she was not entitled to full appellate...

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