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Katharine B. v. Brennan

December 7, 2018 Katharine B. was a mail handler when she filed a complaint that because of her race, sex, and disability, she was denied higher-level pay, was removed from her bid assignment, management created a hostile work environment, and various other complaints...

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Horace A. v. Neilson

February 8, 2019 Horace was a retired lead transportation security officer when he alleged that the agency subjected him to discrimination based on race, sex, disability, and reprisal when a TSA attorney stated that his medical conditions were baseless during another...

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Leon B. v. Department of State

The plaintiff, a Hispanic man, was an applicant for a Diplomatic Security Foreign Service Special Agent. He took an assessment and was denied based on a score for the oral and written portions that was below the cutoff. The Agency said that they asked every candidate...

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Heidi B. v. USPS

The plaintiff was issued suspensions for refusing to work Sundays. She regularly asked off on Sundays because she had religious requirements that prevented her from working. Her supervisor explained that if she asked off every Sunday, they would be short staffed, and...

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Bostock v. Clayton County, GA

In an opinion addressing three consolidated cases, the Supreme Court of the United States held that homosexual and transgender employees are subject to protections under Title VII against sex discrimination. The Court held that Title VII protects employees from...

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Buffkin v. DOD

Buffkin, a schoolteacher for military children, was fired and challenged her removal through arbitration. Her union requested arbitration later than the agreement provided for, but the agency did not elect to challenge the arbitration request as untimely for four...

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Ricci v. MSPB

The plaintiff was tentatively selected for a position with Homeland Security pending a background check. The offer was rescinded after the check was complete, and she appealed, but the Administrative Law Judge dismissed based on a lack of jurisdiction. The plaintiff...

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Babb v. Wilkie

539 U.S. __ (2020) (slip opinion) No. 18-882 Babb was a pharmacist with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. She claimed that she was discriminated against based on age when the VA took away her opportunity for promotion, denied her training opportunities, and...

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