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Case Report for January 4, 2017
Docket Number: SF-0752-15-0165-M-1
Decision Number: 2017 MSPB 1

An U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Administrative Judge dismissed a USPS employee’s termination appeal citing the employee’s failure to properly allege that he was an employee with MSPB appeal rights. The employee then filed a petition for review of that Administrative Judge’s arguing that he had MSPB appeal rights as he had been employed by USPS several times, with breaks in between employment. However, the MSPB Board affirmed the Administrative Judge’s initial decision to dismiss the case based on the fact that the employee was not able to prove that he was an employee with 1 year of current continuous service.

** You should always have experienced representation in MSPB matters. Although he did not represent the employee in this proceeding, Kirk J. Angel does represent federal employees, including USPS employees, in hearings before the MSPB. **