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The complainant, after a successful hearing, was awarded a lower attorney’s fee than requested. Ramon L, the complainant,a federal employee at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, filed an EEO complaint.

L alleged the agency discriminated and retaliated against him for previous protected EEO activity. An administrative judge determined found in favor of that L.’s on one claim: retaliatory discrimination. However, his other claims were dismissed. The judge awarded compensatory damages. L requested that his attorney’s fees be covered in full, but the judge reduced the attorney’s fees award by 40% due to L winning only one of five claims. L. appealed to the EEOC (Commission), arguing that the judge abused her discretion by reducing his attorney’s fees payout. On appeal, the Commission decided that the administrative judge was correct in reducing L.’s attorney’s fees award because L. only prevailed on one claim. 

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