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Federal employee loses sex discrimination claim. A former Department of State employee filed an EEO complaint alleging harassment and discrimination.  The events occurred while he was stationed in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Complainant and his family lived in government sponsored housing. He was removed when his spouse made a report of domestic violence against him. Complainant alleged that he was the victim in the incident. He further claimed sex discrimination because he was made to leave the home instead of his spouse. Pending investigation, complainant was given the option to voluntarily or involuntarily “curtail” his employment and return to the U.S.  The only way to require the spouse to leave was to curtail the sponsored employee. Once complainant returned to the states, he was subjected to a review of his security clearance. This happened because the domestic incident was his third incident of misconduct in less than a year. Complainant claims that the review of his security clearance amounted to harassment. The EEOC found that complainant did not establish either harassment or discrimination and the Office of Federal Operations affirmed.

Britany C. v. Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary, Dep’t of State, https://www.eeoc.gov/sites/default/files/decisions/2020_08_10/2019005790.pdf

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