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Federal employee wins EEOC appeal.  Federal employee attorney Kirk J. Angel is happy to announce that his federal employee client has won an EEOC appeal.  Complainant, a postal service employee, filed an EEO against the USPS. He alleged unlawful retaliation. Initially the USPS dismissed some of his claims and then later issue a FAD dismissing all his claims. The postal service alleged that because Complainant filed an appeal to the MSPB he was unable pursue an EEO. Initially, an MSPB judge disagreed with the postal service and indicated the EEO should take precedence over the MSPB filing and, once completed, Complainant would have the ability to appeal to the MSPB. On appeal to the EEOC, the OFO disagreed with the postal service and ordered the USPS to investigate Complainant’s EEO.

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