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Petitioner without attorney loses MSPB appeal.  Petitioner alleged the agency discriminated against him due to his military service.

Petitioner filed a case with the MSPB. Petitioner filed a petition with the MSPB alleging the agency discriminated against him based on his military service by refusing to hire him due to his military service. The MSPB found that Petitioner failed to show that his military service was a substantial or motivating factor in his non-selection. Specifically, the MSPB AJ found that Petitioner did not meet any of the three eligibility requirement and therefore did not prove discriminatory motivation. Petitioner timely filed an appeal to the court of appeals. The court affirmed the MSPB’s decision.

Broaden v. Department of Transportation https://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/cafc/21-2000/21-2000-2021-11-17.html

This Petitioner was “pro se” meaning that he had no attorney. Federal agencies always have experienced attorneys representing them. So federal employees should always retain attorneys who are experienced representing federal employees. Kirk J. Angel has been representing federal employees for over a decade. You can get your free 15 minute consultation to discuss your MSPB matter on his website at: https://theangellawfirm.com/msbp