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EEOC finds that a USPS employee claims of discrimination and retaliation were not sufficiently investigated by the agency. The complainant, a federal employee at the United States Postal Service, filed an EEO complaint against the USPS. She alleged discrimination based on race, national origin, and sex.

She also alleged that she was experiencing discrimination as retaliation (reprisal) for previous EEO activity. An administrative judge ruled in favor of the USPS. The AJ found that she failed to prove discrimination. The USPS employee appealed the decision.¬† On appeal, the EEOC found the investigation into her claims was inadequate. It found that the investigation should have produced more evidence. For example, the EEOC found a lack of witnesses and reports from other employees who had faced similar harassment. The EEOC vacated the original decision and remanded it back to the agency for a more thorough investigation of the USPS employee’s claims.

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Cristen T. v. United States Postal Service https://www.eeoc.gov/sites/default/files/decisions/2020_08_11/2019002523.pdf