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On February 22, 2017, it was determined that the Agency had improperly dismissed an USPS employee’s complaint of retaliation. While the Agency claimed that the employee (the Complainant) had stated in her affidavit that her EEO activity was not a factor in her claims, the EEOC found that there were unclear questions in her interview that lead to her confusion regarding whether it was strictly “current activity” with her instant claim or to include prior activity. Further, in a former complaint, she alleged there was retaliation from management who knew that she intended to file the instant complaint and therefore her Agency was aware and any actions that occurred after her announcing her intentions could be retaliation. The EEOC stated that when resuming the investigation, to allow the Complainant to give more narrative answers to their questions. Hannah C. v. U.S. Postal Serv., EEOC Appeal No. 0120170352 (Feb. 22, 2017).

Attorney Kirk Angel did not represent the above Complainant; however, he does help federal employees United States Postal Service (USPS) employees during EEO investigations and hearings.