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USPS employee wins $150,000 in emotional distress. Complainant alleged that he was passed over for promotion to the position of postmaster due to discrimination.

An EEOC administrative judge found that Complainant had been discriminated against on the  basis of sex and disability. The AJ awarded complainant attorney’s fees, back pay and other expenses caused by the discrimination. The AJ also awarded Complainant $150,000 in damages for emotional distress.

The USPS disputed the award of emotional distress and appealed to the EEOC’s OFO. The USPS argued that the emotional distress award was excessive and inconsistent with the evidence offered at hearing.The OFO rejected the argument and affirmed the AJ’s awards of damages to account for emotional distress.

Miquel G. v. USPS  https://www.eeoc.gov/sites/default/files/decisions/2020_08_10/2020000182.pdf

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